Business Line of Credit

Key benefits for a business line of credit

  • Draw funds as needed
  • Cost associated with only the drawn amount total, fund not in use is not charged
  • Ideal for business owners looking to have fallback funds with no requirement to draw.
  • No collateral

Needed information and documents to qualify your business

  • Application
  • Last 4 months business bank statements

A business line of credit is an ideal financing solution for businesses that need access to capital quickly and easily. It provides flexibility, allowing you to draw up to your pre-approved credit limit as needed, without having to go through the application process repeatedly.

This type of financing can be used to cover a variety of expenses such as inventory costs, equipment repairs, or operational costs. Additionally, it gives businesses peace of mind knowing that a source of funds is available should unexpected costs arise.

If you are looking for a flexible way to finance your business expenses, a business line of credit may be the right option for you. With competitive interest rates and quick access to capital, it is an ideal solution for businesses who need funds in a timely and convenient manner. Contact us today to learn more about our business line of credit options.