How it works

Working with banks can be a long frustrating process for business owners from start to finish.

With our straightforward approach, we have helped small businesses grow nationwide.

We work closely with our clients to provide the best funding solutions without the hassle and delays.

Our process

Here at Lodestar Funding, we have a streamlined process to get your business the best funding solution(s) as quickly as possible.


Discuss your needs to one of our dedicated funding representatives.


Send us the needed documents for an approval.



We will be guiding you each step of the way from start to funded. Your only regret doing business with us is you haven’t found us sooner…

Minimum Requirements to qualify

0 mo+
Time in Business

We require a minimum of 3+ months.

Business revenue

Revenue of $20,000 or more per month

Credit Score

Personal fico 500+
Bad credit? No problem

Business Line of Credit:

Lodestar Funding can offer businesses a line of credit, which is often the best financing option when businesses need quick and easy access to capital. It allows you to draw up to your pre-approved credit limit whenever you need. This flexibility creates an excellent resource for business owners.

Business Term Loans:

Business term loans provide a lump sum of capital for a specified term. These loans can finance significant investments like equipment or long-term expansion. Lodestar Funding offers business term loans without prepayment penalties or collateral requirements.

Equipment Financing:

Equipment financing options allow companies to obtain vital equipment without using operating capital. Lodestar Funding’s equipment loans allow you to acquire essential equipment using smaller payments than the inflated prices typically associated with equipment sales.

Merchant Cash Advance:

Lodestar Funding’s merchant cash advance option provides clients with a lump sum of capital leveraged against future sales receivables. It is a terrific financing opportunity when your business needs swift access to funds in the short term and does not require you to put up collateral.